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Studies and Reports

During my professional career, I have elaborated a wide range of studies and reports covering most aspects of transport economy. Most of these documents I wrote in English, but an increasing number also in French and Spanish. The number of German-language documents is rather scarce ... even during my university career I wrote most of the reports in English.

A fishery harbour along Kuwait's shore © Villa Carmen


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Yemen Transport-Cost Report 

Since mid-1992, I have been working as Consulting Transport Economist both with private consulting companies and with ADB Asian Development Bank. In this professional status, generally all reports are classified in a sense that the donor or the client does not wish their contents and findings to be accessible to the public. Of the wide selection listed above, I have therefore presented only some studies and manuals which I had recently elaborated

Pitoresque setting amidst the Asir mountains © Villa Carmen

Lattakia Port Traffic Forecast

General-cargo operation in the port of Lattakia © Villa Carmen



Plan Directeur du Port de Lomé 

J'avais initié travaillant comme consultant indépendant en 2004 et, depuis ce point du temps, j'avais expandé dans des études en français - une langue dont je n'avais presque aucune confiance après de 30 ans depuis mes temps au lycée


Etude de faisabilité pour l’aménagement de la zone est du Port Autonome de Conakry

Grues à conteneurs au port de Hambourg © Villa Carmen


Etude de l’Opportunité et des Modalités de Privatisation de Certaines Activités du PAC

Port historique de Stralsund © Villa Carmen


Methodology  of a Study on  Logistics and Multimodality

Historisches Kühlschiff 'Cap San Diego' an den Landungsbrücken Hamburgs © Villa Carmen


Metodología del Estudio de Demanda de Transporte y Mercados
de Cargas

Museumsclipper 'Rickmer Rickmers' an den Landungsbrücken Hamburg © Villa Carmen

Aquí tengo dos manuales en español - a parte de algunos estudios y propuestas técnicas he escrito poco en éste idioma ... estoy más acostumbrado a hablar el español por razones familiares


Metodología del Estudio de Viabilidad para una Terminal de Contenedores 

Containerbrücken am Burchardkai Hamburg © Villa Carmen


Development of Global and Regional Container Trade between 1989 and 1991 - a Market Research

A'clean' Saudi Arabian seaport © Villa Carmen


During my two-year term with SEAPA, the Saudi Arabian Seaports Authority in Riyadh, I had elaborated a large number of small and medium-sized reports, some of which are accessible by clicking the buttons below. 


Potential Rebates and Discounts in the SEAPA Unified Tariff 1985 

Jeddah-Riyadh highway crossing the escarpment © Villa Carmen

Coastal Trade in the Red Sea during the Years 1989 and 1990

Coastal shipping around the Saudi peninsula is a 'Discontinued Model' © Villa Carmen


Resource Production and Distribution in  the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands girls © Villa Carmen

From late 1986 onwards, I worked for two years as Associate Expert under UNDTCD with the MOP Ministry of Economic Planning in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. A nice and very interesting country, which I visited again with another short-term assignment in mid-2006 ... mind-boggling to talk Pidgin again after 18 years !

A Social Studies Atlas of  Solomon Islands

'MV Baruku' belongs to a provincial government © Villa Carmen

SOLOMON ISLANDS Country Monograph - Regional Planning Conceptions and Instruments

Proper maintenance is a problem in the Solomons © Villa Carmen

Macroeconomic Linkages among southern African Countries

South African sharks © Villa Carmen

A 15-month economic research in the Africa Institute in Pretoria / South Africa was my first employment straight after my studies.  I returned to the institute in early 1989 to update my former study as my PhD-thesis at the Technische Universität Berlin .



Black Commuters in South Africa

It will get tight in a very short while ! © Villa Carmen


Namibia's development constraints

Mine-proven passenger trucks for black people © Villa Carmen


Crafts and Small-Scale Enterprises in the Economic Fringe of a Southern African Developing Country - an Empirical Analysis of Situation and Potential in the Kawinga Region in Malawi 

After my 'Vordiplom' (bachelor) at the University of Würzburg, I received an internship with GTZ Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit at an integrated rural development project in Liwonde / Malawi. My survey on rural enterprises - this became my master thesis - lasted three months plus one month traveling in Tanzania, Zambia and, naturally, Malawi.


Maize mill in Malawi's Kawinga region © Villa Carmen


Crafts and small Enterprises in the economic Periphery of Malawi

Shuttle boats substitute port installations © Villa Carmen


Praktikum - mal ganz anders ! 
Warum nicht ins Ausland ? Warum nicht nach Malawi  ?

Basket market in Kawinga © Villa Carmen