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Studies and Reports

During my professional career, I have elaborated a wide range of studies and reports covering most aspects of transport economy. Most of these documents I wrote in English, but an increasing number also in French and Spanish. The number of German-language documents is rather scarce ... even during my university career I wrote most of the reports in English.

A fishery harbour along Kuwait's shore © Villa Carmen


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Project Descriptions
A short booklet briefly describing my projects until early 2014

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Yemen Transport-Cost Report 

Since mid-1992, I have been working as Consulting Transport Economist both with private consulting companies and with ADB Asian Development Bank. In this professional status, generally all reports are classified in a sense that the donor or the client does not wish their contents and findings to be accessible to the public. Of the wide selection listed above, I have therefore presented only some studies and manuals which I had recently elaborated

Pitoresque setting amidst the Asir mountains © Villa Carmen

Traffic Demand Projections Report - Feb. 2009

Lattakia Port Traffic Forecast

General-cargo operation in the port of Lattakia © Villa Carmen


Background information on Lattakia Port - Nov. 2007


Plan Directeur du Port de Lomé 

J'avais initié travaillant comme consultant indépendant en 2004 et, depuis ce point du temps, j'avais expandé dans des études en français - une langue dont je n'avais presque aucune confiance après de 30 ans depuis mes temps au lycée

Prévision du trafic du Lomé Port - Dec. 2006


Etude de faisabilité pour l’aménagement de la zone est du Port Autonome de Conakry

Grues à conteneurs au port de Hambourg © Villa Carmen

Etude de faisabilité pour le Port Autonome de Conakry


Etude de l’Opportunité et des Modalités de Privatisation de Certaines Activités du PAC

Port historique de Stralsund © Villa Carmen

Opportunités et Modalités de Privatisation de Certaines Activités du Port Autonome de Conakry


Methodology  of a Study on  Logistics and Multimodality

Historisches Kühlschiff 'Cap San Diego' an den Landungsbrücken Hamburgs © Villa Carmen

Methodology for Analysis of Logistics and Multimodality
PropLogCent.pdf [163.9 KB]


Metodología del Estudio de Demanda de Transporte y Mercados
de Cargas

Museumsclipper 'Rickmer Rickmers' an den Landungsbrücken Hamburg © Villa Carmen

Aquí tengo dos manuales en español - a parte de algunos estudios y propuestas técnicas he escrito poco en éste idioma ... estoy más acostumbrado a hablar el español por razones familiares

Metodología para el Estudio de Demanda de Transporte y Mercados de Cargas
PropMercados.pdf [97.9 KB]


Metodología del Estudio de Viabilidad para una Terminal de Contenedores 

Containerbrücken am Burchardkai Hamburg © Villa Carmen

Metodología para el Estudio de Viabilidad para una Terminal de Contenedores
PropTermCont.pdf [132.4 KB]


Development of Global and Regional Container Trade between 1989 and 1991 - a Market Research

A'clean' Saudi Arabian seaport © Villa Carmen


During my two-year term with SEAPA, the Saudi Arabian Seaports Authority in Riyadh, I had elaborated a large number of small and medium-sized reports, some of which are accessible by clicking the buttons below. 

A Market Research - March 1992


Potential Rebates and Discounts in the SEAPA Unified Tariff 1985 

Jeddah-Riyadh highway crossing the escarpment © Villa Carmen

A Saudi Seaports Authority Research Report - April 1991
Tariff Rebates.pdf [1,014.7 KB]

Coastal Trade in the Red Sea during the Years 1989 and 1990

Coastal shipping around the Saudi peninsula is a 'Discontinued Model' © Villa Carmen

A Saudi Seaports Authority Research Report - Jan. 1991
Coastal Trade.pdf [621.9 KB]


Resource Production and Distribution in  the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands girls © Villa Carmen

From late 1986 onwards, I worked for two years as Associate Expert under UNDTCD with the MOP Ministry of Economic Planning in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. A nice and very interesting country, which I visited again with another short-term assignment in mid-2006 ... mind-boggling to talk Pidgin again after 18 years !

Resource Production and Distribution in the Solomon Islands

A Social Studies Atlas of  Solomon Islands

'MV Baruku' belongs to a provincial government © Villa Carmen

A Social Studies Atlas of the Solomon Islands

SOLOMON ISLANDS Country Monograph - Regional Planning Conceptions and Instruments

Proper maintenance is a problem in the Solomons © Villa Carmen

Regional Planning Conceptions and Instruments - Nov. 1987

Macroeconomic Linkages among southern African Countries

South African sharks © Villa Carmen

A 15-month economic research in the Africa Institute in Pretoria / South Africa was my first employment straight after my studies.  I returned to the institute in early 1989 to update my former study as my PhD-thesis at the Technische Universität Berlin .


Macroeconomic Linkages among Southern African Countries - IFO-Institut 1990


Black Commuters in South Africa

It will get tight in a very short while ! © Villa Carmen

Some Aspects of Public Transport in South Africa - 1986


Namibia's development constraints

Mine-proven passenger trucks for black people © Villa Carmen


Economic constraints against Namibia's self-reliant development - 1986

Crafts and Small-Scale Enterprises in the Economic Fringe of a Southern African Developing Country - an Empirical Analysis of Situation and Potential in the Kawinga Region in Malawi 

After my 'Vordiplom' (bachelor) at the University of Würzburg, I received an internship with GTZ Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit at an integrated rural development project in Liwonde / Malawi. My survey on rural enterprises - this became my master thesis - lasted three months plus one month traveling in Tanzania, Zambia and, naturally, Malawi.


Maize mill in Malawi's Kawinga region © Villa Carmen

Empirical Analysis of Crafts and Small-Scale Enterprises in the Kawinga Region of Malawi


Crafts and small Enterprises in the economic Periphery of Malawi

Shuttle boats substitute port installations © Villa Carmen

Small Enterprises in the Economic Periphery of Malawi


Praktikum - mal ganz anders ! 
Warum nicht ins Ausland ? Warum nicht nach Malawi  ?

Basket market in Kawinga © Villa Carmen

Malawi - Arbeiten in der "Dritten Welt" - Dez. 1983