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Professional Background

During the last 25 years, I had projects distributed quite evenly almost all over the globe. Prolonged working periods of one year and more I mastered in the USA, South Africa, the Solomon Islands, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. But it were the mediary and shorter project assignments which brought me to most continents of this world.

Museum clipper at the port of Stralsund © Villa Carmen

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Einsatzorte- und Zeiten
A short description of the multitude of my project assignments plus the experience gathered therein and during my formal education you find in the following Curriculum Vitae (which you may download and print for your kind perusual):

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Deutscher Lebenslauf - August 2021

English CV - August 2021

















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CV espagñol - Agosto 2021


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Portal cranes of old GDR make ...                                                            ... and all this in the major port of Albania
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